About CB Plastering

Cade Baillie, Local and Owner Operator since 2016 -  Whangarei, Northland

Started out as a boat builder in 2002. When the 2008 recession hit, it destroyed the boating industry. I transitioned into interior plastering and haven't looked back since.

Creating CB Plastering in 2016.  Working as a one-man band for a couple of years with one housing company and one architectural builder.  Over the years learning to be in business for myself was definitely tough. A lot of lessons were learned but my values and respect for the industry grew.

CB Plastering has grown in size with experienced and junior team members.  Our team has built many long-term working relationships with many builders and construction companies in Whangarei.


What can we offer

CB PLASTERING is about the client and what we can do for you.  Whether you have a renovation or a new build, we treat every job with the same high-quality workmanship.  We won't take shortcuts or do substandard work. Our staff is trained to use the guidelines and standards for interior plastering.


Area of work

We cover all of Whangarei and its surroundings. We also travel to the Kaipara and Far North Districts for larger projects.


No problem. If you have plans for a new build send them through and we'll give you a price by the end of the week.

If you are doing a renovation or want to skim an older home, let us come to you. We'll view your home and walk you through the process.

We cover most things

New Build - Houses and Commercial


Full house - Skimming (Level 5)

Level 3 - 5 finish


Cove/Square stop/Negative detailing


What do we get asked the most

Every question is a good question.

How long does it take from start to finish?

Small to medium jobs can be about 5 days.

New builds depending on complexity (based on a 2.4m stud height) can be around 5 days per 100sq2 off the floor.

(eg: 250sq2 house can take up to 12-13 days) 

Full skimming on a house depending on the condition of the walls (based on a 2.4m stud height) can be around 7 days per 100sq2 off the floor.

What is the process?

Keeping the steps simple so you get a general understanding :

  1. Tape the joints and internal corners

  2. One coat of plaster

  3. Sand

  4. Second coat of plaster

  5. Sand

  6. The final coat of plaster

  7. Final sand, light check, and a recheck for any missed areas or repairs if necessary

  8. And somewhere in there we have measured, cut, and fix cove or square stop

How much dust is involved?

Our vacuum sander usually removes about 80% of the dust from the surface and air, unfortunately, dust comes with the job.  We try our best to clean the areas that we work in but we cannot guarantee a dust-free house during and on completion.

What is your availability?

We have 6 weeks of scheduling ahead of us, so the sooner you inquiry the easier we can fit you in.

How long does it take to dry?

12-24 hours for each coat (sometimes even longer).

You have many factors to take into account.  Not every home is the same so drying times can take longer than others.

Poorer conditions for drying time:

  • Cold/wet weather (this is usually the case in most homes)

  • Age of house (condition of gib might be poor)

  • Poor circulation

  • Positioning of the house (eg: facing South where you get minimum to no light or warmth)

  • Lack of insulation and heating

Good conditions for drying time:

  • Opposite of the above outlined

My Plasterer started my job and hasn't shown his face or is avoiding my phone calls?  Can you come to finish what he started?

Unfortunately, this is a reoccurring issue in our industry. 

I will need to inspect their work first before I can give you an answer.



If you have any queries, send me a brief message below.  If you want to send attachments flick me an email.

Cade Baillie

022 307 1507

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Apprenticeships Available

Interior Plastering (Interior Systems) is a Level 4 Qualification run through BCITO.  If you want to know more, head to the BCITO website.

If plastering is something you really want to do then send me an email with a brief statement about yourself including a CV.

Interior Plastering is a skill involving - heights - ladders/scaffolding - physical movement - measuring - mixing ratios - cutting angles - time management.  Most importantly have an eye for detail.